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What influence did cloud technologies have on online data storage? Essay sample

Сloud technologies, online data storage Essay sample

Cloud technology is more than a storage, and each of us probably uses the cloud more often than they realize. Web mail, social networks, online transactions, gaming, and video streaming all involve cloud computing. Data and applications are stored on remote servers, which allows doing all these activities online. Accessing these servers via the Internet is much faster and more convenient than downloading gigabytes of information to personal computers.


Businesses like cloud storage for its accessibility and security. An entirely unbreakable system does not exist, but owners of cloud services do their best to earn credibility. Encryption, backups, and isolation of resources help cloud computing providers to protect their clients from the breach. Nevertheless, it is good to have a backup, and many companies store copies of essential data on hard drives. The same refers to individuals. Cloud computing is perfect as long as there is a good internet connection.