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Glass ceiling essay sample


In case you are not familiar with such term as glass ceiling, here is a brief explanation of the issue: glass ceiling presupposes that there is a salary gap between women and men. To be more specific, a woman gets only 75 cents of every dollar a man gets.

Obviously, the situation with gender equality is getting better. What is more, the society has finally started to pay more attention to the problem of discrimination of women in the workplace. Here are a few important details regarding the subject of gender equality.

To begin with, more women have graduated from college or university at higher rates. Diversity is becoming an everyday practice as companies start to hire people of different genders on leading positions. Nowadays it is possible for women to run firms or to open their own firms. Apart from that, we can also observe more and more women in government and politics these days. However, there is still a lot to work on regarding the issue under consideration. In case you are willing to learn more about it, feel free to proceed to …