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Internet addiction essay sample


There is no need to explain what internet addiction means. What is more, almost every person on the planet is addicted to the internet even though they may not even realize it.

The problem is that we tend to get so focused on the internet and social networks that we forget about real life. If we continue to live like this, we will not be able to enjoy the company of our friends without staring at our phones. Surely, we may not be able to talk to each other soon enough as one of the most popular means of communication these days is either texting or chatting.

It is easy to provide examples of internet addiction as you are able to observe it every day. Even when a group of people comes to a place together, they stare at their phones instead of talking to each other. Such state of affairs should be changed. Otherwise, we may face some quite unsatisfactory consequences. People need to learn how to live without their phones at least for a few hours. Do not hesitate to read more at …