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How can the government make teacher’s profession become more appealing? essay sample

How can the government make teacher’s profession become more appealing? essay sample

 Being a good teacher is a little more challenging than accounting or doing some routine paperwork. Educators must always keep pace with the news in their field, cooperate with other teachers, write an enormous pack of plans, and most importantly, work with children. For some young trainees, this factor is the scariest one, and they strive to teach adults rather than go to public schools.

However, even more factors intimidate young teachers. Salary is one of them. The financial backing of public schools is disastrous, and there can be no mention of raising them. In addition, the pressure constantly grows. States want their teachers to perform to the best of their abilities and expect that people will dedicate more time to work for a sheer enthusiasm. Nevertheless, not all young people are ready to devote so much to their occupation.

Truly, teachers do not demand sky-high salaries. But they also expect to work in a friendly team and have an access to all necessary resources. The equipment is getting old from time to time, and renovation of classrooms is also essential. An abundant paperwork certainly repels youth from considering taking on the post of teacher.

Despite many challenges, improving the teacher’s life is simpler than it seems. In the first place, the government shall give them a good starting salary so that the occupation does not look like volunteering. Next, teachers shall stop multitasking. Plans of lectures shall be made according to the demand of a teacher, not their principal or the Department of Education. All school-related paperwork shall be prepared by accountants or administrators to remove unnecessary pressure from teachers. Besides, it would be great to invite a trainee in the classroom to make young teachers more confident.