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How to motivate students stay of colleges instead of dropping out? essay sample

How to motivate students stay of colleges instead of dropping out? essay sample 

American K-12 schools and colleges have a high drop-out rate as a tradition already. Students are supposed to come through so many difficulties until they mature that teachers do not even wonder why millions of them cannot make it to the graduation annually. But under the current dropout rates,  teachers and parents shall put extra efforts to make children interested in studying and ambitious.

Positive motivation takes roots at home. As long as parents do not bother to encourage the child’s learning, teachers will hardly inflict any positive intentions towards their subjects. Of course, there are a few educators genuinely inspired by their jobs; they can transform the child’s perception of a subject. But often it is the task for parents to create a learning-positive environment and stimulate the child to develop.

If we want studying to become fun for a child, we need to regulate the academic pressure. By the time of high school, students need to fully enjoy their subjects without the constant pressure of tests and examinations upon them. A genuine interest gained over the years will help them to come through the high school years smoothly. It is important for parents to be supportive and positive about the child’s progress instead of blaming kids for their failures.

Hostile attitudes are the primary reason why kids give up on studying. Many children evaluate human qualities of adults and fence themselves off any nasty people they meet. That is why the behavior of parents and teachers as well as their expertise in academics will determi9ne whether the child likes studying or not.