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People have too much free time nowadays essay sample

free time essay sample 

The flow of time has gone off the rails in the 21st century. Some people rush as if fighting for every minute of their free time and the others procrastinate as if they have all the time in the world. The distribution of personal free time greatly depends on education, occupation, and family life of people, but we shall say few of us can allow themselves to be lazy. The times of financial poverty have changed with the epoch of time poverty because we all strive to engage in so many activities and multiple jobs.

Children and teenagers are the only people who can allow themselves a free time. Busy parents constantly complain that their kids spend too much time gaming or social networking, but that can be the parents’ fault too. Most public schools have tight curricula, and we can find enough extracurriculars in our area if we search properly. The problem is, even middle school students are busier than they used to be. A few decades ago, even university students could afford themselves being a little careless. It seems almost surreal when we compare them to present-day young adults who can hardly get some sleep.

Someone assumes we shall have an excess of free time due to the latest devices and technical appliances. Nevertheless, the internet of things is not there yet, and the household cannot function without our assistance. Once, digital intelligence will make the life much easier for us, and perhaps we will find out what the excess of free time is. But today we have to attend work, schooling, arts, sports, and many other essential daily activities.