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Should art be taught in public schools? Why or why not? essay sample

 Should art be taught in public schools? Why or why not? essay sample

According to the common opinion, arts are lovely but not essential. A public school curriculum is so stuffed with STEMs and other subjects of a primary importance that arts shall better come after classes. If students still have any time left for extracurriculars. But there are much more creative students than we think, and these children take an immense advantage of arts education. Visual and performing arts are an excellent means of self-expression which is important to form one’s personality.

Besides broad developmental prospects, arts provide some space for stress management and relaxation. No wonder, children who sing, act, or play instrument have a lower level of distress. Therefore, putting arts into the curriculum makes sense even though the entire generation of teachers and parents grew devoid of popular arts.

A comprehensive schooling obviously involves some arts and sports. As the latter became a traditional activity for students, arts shall not be ignored either. We need more music, visual and performing arts for younger students. Entering high school, students shall enroll only in their favorite art classes. According to the demand, schools can form groups and find teachers to let children continue with arts.

Visual and performing arts are important because students want to pursue them. Rather few of them can combine attending K-12 and a School of Arts taking into account a huge academic pressure. But they will eagerly attend art classes at their school, especially when it gives them a chance to take a rest from academic subjects.